Midwest ROV

Midwest ROV LLC. was established in 2008 to provide Observation Class Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) services to Wisconsin. Our primary focus is on Municipal Water Tank Inspections. Additional services we offer include but are not limited to:
  • Aquaculture.
  • Broadcast & Film.
  • Diver safety and real time dive observation.
  • Environmental base line surveys (Before and After).
  • Education & remote learning.
  • Marine life observation.
  • Offshore oil and gas.
  • Port security.
  • Ship hull and propulsion inspection.
  • Potable water tank and pipe inspection.
  • Science and research.
  • Wreck / Salvage survey.
  • Sports (Swimming and high dive events).
  • Sonar surveys with Video target conformation.

If you don't see your application listed above contact Midwest ROV. We can designs custom solutions to meet your needs.

Phone: 414.840.3855
Fax: 920.699.2535
E-mail: prowe@midwestrov.com

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