Midwest ROV uses VideoRay ROV equipment with additional accessories to enhance the capabilities of the ROV. Accessories include Sonar and acoustic positioning systems, Light lift / recovery tools, Micro manipulator arm and water / sediment sampling tools are among some of the wide array of tools available for use aboard VideoRay ROVs.

Advantages include:

  • Very long bottom time (Days).
  • Depth much greater than a diver (Pro III max depth 500 ft).
  • Fast setup, deployment and recovery. (Typically 10 to 20 minutes or less)
  • Low operating requirements. System can be run using a 12vdc power source with a dc to ac Inverter. Only a small "out of the weather" area is required for the deck unit and video equipment. This can be as small an area as the back seat of a car or small boat.
  • Complete video record of dives with On Screen Display of Date, Time, Depth and Heading information. Midwest ROV has full digital recording and audio annotation capabilities. As a standard we provide a complete set of DVD or VHS recording of all dives. Digital files in various standard formats can be provided upon request. Frame grabs can be extracted from the recorded video files in standard formats including Jpeg, BMP, TIFF and many others. Frame grabs can also be done in real time to record points of interest.
  • Midwest ROV subscribes to VideoRay Advantage program. The program ensures top level support and rapid equipment replacement if needed. VideoRay equipment has been proven to be very reliable even in the most adverse operating conditions.

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